Introducing Industry 4.0 for pipe prefabrication

Use the power of smart tech to produce unique pipe spools with the efficiency of serial production

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PipeCloud is a manufacturing execution, quote calculation, and work effort estimation SaaS system for prefabricated pipe manufacturers of any size. With PipeCloud, you can easily extract material data from isometric drawings of pipe spools, convert it into logical spool bundles, generate programs for machine tools, assign orders to workers, and track the progress.


Production of unique pipe spools has always been artisanry that required an army of talented engineers and hours of routine work planning for an industrial scale. But with PipeCloud, you’ll be able to digitalize what has been done manually for decades. Check the video.

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PipeCloud is full of features that will help pipe shops to maintain their competitiveness. Some of the key benefits are:

Reduced human errors in bidding

Digitizing the bidding process you have one source what has been offered, with what cost so you can improve your bidding accuracy and do you actually have the capacity to manage the offered bids on time.

Diminish tedious routine work

When pipe spools are released for manufacturing you can automate the routines to calculate work efforts, create CNC programs, distribute work orders, track progress or collect heat and welding traceability information straight from the process. All these routines can be done with PipeCloud even if the work process is manual.

Increased production capacity

Utilizing mass production capabilities to perform traditional pipe production activities (cutting, bending, fitting, etc.) in the same machine setting increases the workshop’s machine utilization rate and OEE.

Improved capacity planning capability

As the estimated workload is calculated it is easy for the production planning to use PipeCloud’s intuitive visual capacity planning function to set the work on correct resource at correct time. 

Transparency for production management

Real time tracking of the progress also from the manual work phases like fitting, production supervisors and work planners are able to react instantly on the demands. With communication tools from the workstation worker can also order missing components from the warehouse, additional pipes from the cutting station or inform other stakeholders like work supervisor about challenges. 

Reduced material waste

With PipeCloud multiple orders can be bundled into a one workorder. That allows for example material consumption optimization with PipeCloud nesting tool for a cutter to utilize the raw pipe material at least 10% more efficiently and cutting list is done in seconds. Unused pipe length can be stored to the system for later use if seen necessary.

Less variation in the production process

The information provided to the shopfloor looks similar since the production data goes thru the same data washing process despite the size of the production order, customer or delivery date urgency. That has been proven to smoothen the work at the shopfloor and the thruput time is more predictable and reliable.

No need for a tedious IT project

We will host the software for you so the initial IT infrastructure setup is minimal. We promise to go thru the needed setup effort with you to serve your needs in the bidding and in production.



  • At PipeCloud, we understand that scaling can be painful, especially for a small- and medium-sized pipe prefabrication business. The increased number of orders and employees may entail work planning and monitoring issues that lead to missed deadlines and lower product quality.
  • One of the key advantages of PipeCloud is automating the work planning and monitoring processes, making them significantly faster and more cost-effective. Thanks to PipeCloud, the productivity of your pipe workshop can be increased by 20-50%.


  • The effects of human error may be disastrous when you produce pipe spools on a large scale. Unforeseen expenditures, environmental issues caused by large material consumption, and drops in product quality are only a few of the possible consequences that can destroy your hard-earned reputation.
  • With PipeCloud, you can reduce manual work, minimizing the risk of human error. Batch processing PCFs, bundling spools, managing production schedules, and other features of PipeCloud allow you to juggle many processes at once without sacrificing your budget and product quality.

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