Usually quoting of pipe spool is driven by paper, spreadsheets and technical drawings. That is time consuming and inefficient. Then again simplifying the quoting process based on the weight is risky since the structure of the pipe spools are varying a lot that makes a huge difference in pricing in this artesany work of pipe spool fabrication. For example straight pipe of DN 500 with flanges has much less labour included than a complex DN15 pipe spool with multiple branches and bends.

With PipeCloud you can handle with ease multiple pipe spools quoting based on:

  • Material
  • Labour time
  • Surface treatment

A technology driven quoting solution can help teams in remarkable ways:

  • A single source of truth.

Quoted information can be found with ease in one centralized source. Internal stakeholders can have insight into this data and adjust efforts, reducing double work from the team.

  • Data-driven bidding strategy.

Historical manufacturing process data can be used to inform how valuable labour time is spent and gives an insight which of the jobs offered are most profitable.

  • Fewer manual errors.

The fact is that there are broad number of variables in quoting process and mistakes will happen. Nevertheless a simple number error can mean a difference in winning and losing a offer. PipeCloud technology can reduce these mistakes.


Quote information can be created based on labour, material and surface treatment and send to the ERP thru API layer.

All order production statuses and delivery dates can be reviewed from one place.