For work supervisors it is a challenge to maintain awareness if all preconditions are met that certain work can be started. For example, to be able to ensure that all components are available, pipes have been cutted and bended for fitting work to be started. Another challenge might be that who has done and what and do we need to move or split the work for multiple workers to meet the deadline. These are some of the challenges that PipeCloud is ready to solve by:

Solution: Based on engineering data and collected from production process Work Supervisors can

  • Verify each prerequisite that work can be done
  • Identify any item on the workshop
  • What it is
  • Who has done it
  • What needs to be done with it
  • Move the uncompleted work if needed
  • Get information from workers and react on work blocking situations

Extra benefits:

  • No manual errors
  • Single source of truth
  • Data is enriched thru the whole production process
  • Historical data is preserved
  • Ability to provide feedback to the customer/designer