At the shop floor workers/operators quite often have pile of engineering drawings or separate lists like cutting lists at their workstations. To ensure that you are always working with the latest revision usually reduces the actual efficiency to perform on the actual work to be done. Especially in situations where an urgent order or revision change disturbs your work in hand. Between the works shop floor workers need to collect a new work order from the supervisor or if there is some blocking issues shop floor worker need to find the supervisor for instructions how to proceed which all disturbs his work.

With PipeCloud workers have dedicated simplified work order view on a touch screen device at the work station. Shop floor worker has always the same revision in use than the work planners, production planners and work supervisors. As the work orders are dynamic until it is taken to the production workers do not need even to know if the work in hand is urgent. Instead the manufacturing process flows as usual even there is a last minute changes which reduces the variation in the process. Workers can communicate thru the system for instruction or request for example missing components.

Some examples of work phase specific work order views