Damen Naval chooses PipeCloud to innovate and streamline pipe production process

Turku, Finland – Oct 13th, 2023 – PipeCloud, an innovator in providing digital solutions for pipe production, announces that Damen Naval, a distinguished entity in naval shipbuilding, has chosen its software to refine its pipe production processes.

Seeking to manage resources and workflows more effectively, Damen Naval, with a recognized 150-year history in naval shipbuilding, aims to mitigate challenges in its pipe prefabrication by incorporating PipeCloud’s software. This move aligns with its pursuit of reduced lead times and improved productivity.

Ricardo van Lunteren, Manager Project Department at Damen Naval, noted, “Damen has the ambition to become the most sustainable maritime solution provider in the world. One of our strategic goals is digitalization. Damen Naval decided to innovate and digitalize our piping fabrication process. PipeCloud is providing the right solution at the right time to deal with the complexity of our naval projects in combination with our business goals.”

Navigating complexity with piping industry specific focus

The engagement between PipeCloud and Damen Naval manifests a careful navigation through the tight focus of industrial piping with in-depth shipbuilding experience. The software solution, chosen by Damen Naval, is specifically constructed to address the particularities and challenges that arise from the typically unique nature of each pipeline and prefabricate in production.

Jarno Soinila, CEO at PipeCloud, noted, “Damen Naval’s choice to implement PipeCloud is encouraging and reflects our consistent aim to provide tangible, practical solutions for industries that involve pipe production. It’s gratifying to assist a company so deeply rooted in naval shipbuilding history.”

While this news highlights a meaningful stride in naval shipbuilding, it’s essential to acknowledge that PipeCloud’s software, while beneficial to Damen Naval, is not confined to this industry. The platform is robustly applicable across various industries involving piping in their operations, subtly weaving through the complexities presented by the idiosyncrasies of each pipeline and prefabricate. PipeCloud endeavors to bridge digitalization and traditional manufacturing processes, considering the unique requirements and efficiencies inherent in each project.

About PipeCloud

Founded in 2018, PipeCloud has developed a reputation for aligning digital solutions with the maritime and additional pipe-utilizing industries. Its proprietary software harmonizes the intricacies of pipe fabrication with the efficiencies of digital technology, providing a balanced, pragmatic solution to the complexities encountered in this sphere.

About Damen Naval

Damen Naval is the dedicated naval shipbuilding division of the Damen Shipyards Group. With roots stretching back almost 150 years – to the Royal Schelde yard in Vlissingen – Damen Naval is the only naval original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the Netherlands. Having delivered more than 400 vessels to customers around the world, Damen Naval offers a role as designer, engineer, builder, integrator, and service provider throughout our ships’ lifecycle.

Currently, Damen Naval is leading a series of naval projects for NATO/EU partners: the F126 frigate programme for the German Navy, the Combat Support Ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) and is about to start the project for future-proof Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates for the RNLN and the Belgian Navy.

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