Welding quality is perhaps the most important aspect of pipe prefabrication. Imagine the panic, if the weld seams are spot checked with X-ray at the installation site and 10% of the welds are faulty. Then the customer demands a full 100% X-ray’s to be taken and you end up paying for that and re-do at the site 10-30% of the welds!

Luckily PipeCloud offers a multitude of tools for quality assurance. With PipeCloud you can create a separate inspection work order, use the user customizable meta fields at welding work order to record welder performed quality checks or you can use the WeldEye software integrated to PipeCloud to manage WPS’s among other things.

After the fitter has spot welded the components together, it is time for the welder to start working. PipeCloud informs welder in the welding bundle view the required weld type, possible traceability requirements and QA inspection needs.

The welding traceability can be entered by the welder in the welding bundle view. Alternatively welder can use WeldEye by Kemppi for WPS management and traceability data collection. PipeCloud has integration with WeldEye and can send the welding work orders to WeldEye.

PipeCloud work order Welding

PipeCloud welding work order including welding traceability information capability