Bending a pipe saves significant fitting and welding work. Each bend usually saves 2 weld seams. So it really makes sense to utilize bending when ever it is possible.

The most challenging task in bending is the calculation of the bending coordinates. This requires either a very experienced bending machine operator or a skilled engineer for offline calculations. In both cases human errors unfortunately tend to happen and the cost savings in bending are lost.

PipeCloud has bending program calculator that automatically calculates the bending coordinates / programs. For this automatic function PipeCloud needs two preconditions:

  • Machinery setup, with bending radiuses and minimum lengths
  • Geometry of the spool, which either automatically read from the pcf-file or manually created by the work planner

When working with unique pipe prefabricates the setup time can be the biggest portion of time needed for bending. Usually the setup time is needed when the diameter or the wall thickness of the pipe changes.

PipeCloud’s solution to utilize bending as an independent sub-process enables combining multiple orders bended pipes with same characteristics to a work-order minimize the setup time significantly.

Below is an example bending bundle (work-order)

Bending work order view