Ilari Kallio joins the PipeCloud team as senior advisor

PipeCloud has solved a genuine problem for industrial customers in a simple way that is easy to take into use, says the company’s new senior advisor, Ilari Kallio.

The digitalization of manufacturing is accelerating. PipeCloud brings the benefits of digitalized mass production to the manufacture of unique prefabricated piping. The global growth potential of the SaaS service developed in Finland is huge, assesses PipeCloud’s new senior advisor, Ilari Kallio:

“PipeCloud solves the digitalization of prefabricated piping in a way that is both easy to understand and to take into use. It is a clear answer to those professionals in the industry who wonder that there must be a more sensible way of doing things.”

PipeCloud is a SaaS-based production management system that uses AI to recognize, divide up, and regroup the orders of unique piping pieces coming into the factory and send them directly to the sawers’ and welders’ workstation screens. This is done directly from the technical drawings. The facility’s management can follow the work in real time and can easily drill down on any specific detail of the work later. PipeCloud’s customers estimate that the system provides a 30 – 40 percent benefit in production.

With Master’s degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, Ilari Kallio has had a successful career in large publicly trading Finnish industrial companies. He has worked as Chief Digital Officer at Konecranes, Vice President of Technology at Wärtsilä, as well as positions on the boards of various companies. The Finnish CTO Forum awarded Kallio with the Technology Leader of the year 2016.

“In my work, instead of focusing on individual technologies, I have promoted the kind of thinking where the focus is on recognizing and validating those problems that are really worth solving and where resources should be directed”, Kallio says.

“We can easily become infatuated with a technical solution for which we then try to find a use. If we have a hammer in our hands it’s easy to only look for nails. The problems that arise in taking advantage of the digitalization of business operations are often a result of fixing the wrong things and trying to do too much at one time.”

According to Ilari Kallio, PipeCloud is a service built on modern architecture that has proved itself in practical use. The low threshold for taking it into use is one of PipeCloud’s competitive advantages.

“The customer can begin quickly and easily on their own. There is no need for a large IT project. The cost-efficiency benefits are immediately apparent. As the appetite and needs grow, the service can be scaled according to business operations.”

According to PipeCloud’s CEO, Jarmo Soinila, the service and software are being aggressively developed. PipeCloud is now being offered to large and mid-sized manufacturers of prefabricated piping around the world.

“Ilari brings the perspective of large international industrial companies to our team, which we appreciate a great deal. He has specialized in developing business operations and problem solving, and understands very well how our customer base thinks. With Ilari’s support we can help our customers improve their operations with digitalization, and we can make PipeCloud the leading company in its field.”



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